Judging from the number of cars in all the parking lots and along Main Street in downtown Hutchinson, MN it appears that the economy here is perking up.  Since Black Friday, I have observed that the stores have many shoppers in them no matter what time of day it is.  And, if you haven’t been to the Hutchinson Mall, you need to see all the new stores!  It’s great to live in an area where the economy appears to be improving each month.  


The real estate market continues to be very busy for what is seasonally a slower time for homes to sell and people to put their homes on the market.  We’ve also got people moving into Hutchinson because of job transfers and new positions with local companies.  This is wonderful news because a number of  our manufacturing companies have had significant layoffs and now are hiring people back.  Let’s all be grateful that we live in such a wonderful place!