In the past I have been a bit of a cheerleader for living in Hutchinson and the wonderful community that it is. Today I want to share some personal reasons why I feel that way.

My husband passed away on Christmas Day peacefully at our home after a 20 month battle with cancer.

During the preceding two weeks that we cared for him at home, I had the good fortune to have  the pharmacist  making sure I got the medications that were needed, always asking how Joe was doing and then sharing a story about him with me. The doctor, who came to our home and checked on my husband.  When the end came for him, the police chief left his family (on Christmas Day) to come to our home along with the funeral director, who is also a good friend.  You can’t imagine the comfort in personally knowing every person who was involved in the care of my husband.

I have a couple of sisters who live in larger communities in other parts of the country, and they couldn’t comprehend that we personally knew all these people.

We had many friends who attended Joe’s funeral from all parts of the country and they were astounded at all that Hutchinson had to offer and how friendly the people in the restaurants, motels, etc. were.  

We can all be so proud of our community and the people who live here.