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Mary Christensen – Hometown Realty

Mary Christensen was born and raised in Hutchinson and worked for 3M for 34 years. During her career at 3M, she furthered her education and attained a Design and Training writers degree from the University of Minnesota. She also worked with engineers in the H1 lab of 3M.

After retiring from 3M, Mary attained her certification for Home Staging from Center Stage Home Inc, of Minneapolis. This was a good fit for Mary and Hometown Realty. Mary and her husband have built and remodeled a number of homes in Hutchinson, and all that experience has helped in her staging career.

Mary believes in giving back to her community. She is involved with numerous organizations, sits on various boards, and completed her second term of office on the Hutchinson City Council.

Mary helps Hometown Realty’s sellers stage their homes to make that first impression count and is available to help their buyers with decorating ideas in their new homes.

Home Staging

Home Staging Service

Staging a home sparks the imagination of the buyer and allows them to picture themselves living in your home.

Make your home stand out from the crowd!

Hometown Realty in Hutchinson, MN offers their sellers this unique FREE service by Mary Christensen.

Interior Redesign

Interior Redesign Service

Our Interior Redesign professional offers her knowledge to help you take control to make that new home your own.

We keep in mind your desires and your budget.

Step-by-step there are many decisions to make when moving into a newly purchased home. Using the right color palette, new and up-to-date decorating ideas, lighting design, & space planning, storage analysis, etc. are all decisions to be made.

What is “Home Staging”?

Home staging is preparing a property for sale in the real estate marketplace. The main goal of staging is to make the home as appealing as possible to the highest number of potential buyers. A professional home stage will be able to give an unbiased opinion about how your house will be perceived by potential buyers.

Benefits of Home Staging

  • Give a positive impression for buyers
  • Sell your home faster than the competition
  • Start the packing process – many items will be packed up and ready to move
  • Make your home more attractive and welcoming
  • Improve the appearance / Command a higher price
  • De-cluttering increases space and appeal

The Staging Process

Before buyers decide to buy, they need to mentally move their own things into a home. If a home has too much or too little in it, it is difficult for most buyers to visualize how their own things will look in the home. This is why staging a home is so critical!

The process begins with a consultation by Hometown Realty’s accredited home staging service. What happens next?

  • “Buyer’s Eyes” room to room evaluation
  • Discussion of Goals and Expectations
  • Prepare a homeowner checklist
  • Cost effective updates and repairs
  • Organizational modifications

Final Decision

Changing the feel and look of a room can be as simple as packing away a few personal items or may be more labor intensive such as a fresh or neutral coat of paint.

Staging is beneficial regardless how large or small your home is. The stager’s role is to make suggestions that will enhance the overall appearance of the property. The seller will make the final decisions as to how much effort and time they want to devote to the stager’s recommendations.


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