Last weekend I came home late in the day to find a leak from the roof in the middle of my dining room.   I’ve lived in my home since 1977  and  had never had any kind of leak. 

 So, I called a friend who went up on my roof and found that by one of the roof vents, an ice dam had formed which was causing the leak.  He suggested that I have someone remove the snow on the roof before I had more problems.

I called the guy my friend recommended and he came over right away and removed all the snow from the roof.  It was very heavy snow and there was ALOT of it!  After seeing how much was taken off that roof, I asked them to do the roof of the extra garage at my house and also my office.

It was simply amazing to see how much snow was on these roofs.  I’m quite sure I would have had more problems if I hadn’t hired someone (who knew what they were doing) to remove the snow. 

I highly recommend with a winter like we’ve had, that you pay attention to your roofs.