Here are some interesting statistics recently published in “The Residential Specialist” magazine. (Their source for the information was Harris Interactive.) This magazine is available to all real estate agents who have earned their Certified Residential Specialist certification through the National Association of Realtors.

Several of Hometown Realty agents in Hutchinson, MN have earned this CRS designation.

What percentage of Americans participated in energy-saving activities within the past year?
Installed more energy efficient light bulbs: 63%
Purchased energy efficient appliances: 36%
Started paying bills online: 46%
Switched to paperless financial statements: 40%
Donated an electronic device for recycling: 41%
Swithed from bottle to tap water: 29%
Installed a low flow showerhead: 17%
Installed a low flow toilet: 16%
Made home improvements that provided government tax credits: 14%
Bought a more fuel efficent car: 13%
None of thes: 13%
So, how do you and your family compare?