In the past couple of weeks we have helped quite a few buyers find homes to buy in Hutchinson, MN. Many sellers have had their homes on the market for quite a while and aren’t interested in carrying them into and through the winter months.  So, fortunately for the buyers, they are able to purchase homes at some pretty good prices. 

 It may seem that it is unfortunate for the sellers, but the reality is that once their home is sold, they no longer have the expense of carrying it.  It’s not just the mortgage payments, but the utilities, taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. 

 So, when a seller is presented with a less than wonderful offer from a buyer, many of them are realizing that by not accepting the lower offers, they could cost themselves much more money in the long run.  A seller needs to figure out what it would cost to carry the house and then determine how much more they would need to get for the house if they waited for another four to six months before another offer is made.

Buying a home now makes good sense for buyers and selling a home now makes good sense for sellers.