Currently there is a very nice stimulus package available to anyone who has not owned a home during the past 3 years. This is the $8,000 tax credit being offered by the government for buyers who close on their new home prior to November 30, 2009. Now we are hearing some chatter about the possibility of that stimulus package being extended and expanded to include all home buyers. If we have learned anything in our lifetime, it is not to bet on anything that MIGHT happen. If in fact the government decides to do an additional stimulus package for home buyers, that will be wonderful, but please don’t put off your home buying decision hoping for an expanded stimulus. Right now the prices are still very favorable here in Hutchinson, MN and The National Assocation of Realtors is reporting that housing affordablility is at an all time high. The old saying “When opportunity knocks, take advantage of it” definetely applies in this case.