It took us long enough to get the word out to everyone that the stimulous package that was passed earlier this year has a wonderful GIFT in it for people who have not owned a home for three years!  This GIFT will be given to buyers who occupy their home by the end of November, 2009.  Although that seems a long time from now, it isn’t and you don’t want to wait.  If all the predictions are correct, we are at the bottom of the real estate market and waiting will only cost you more money in higher priced homes.  I can see some real sure signs that people are believing we are at the bottom.  Investors have been somewhat sitting on the sidelines just waiting and in the last several weeks, they are coming out like crazy.  Multiple offers on foreclosed properties are happening everywhere and many of those making the offers are investors.  Remember what happens to prices when demand becomes high?  Prices go up.  Simple supply and demand.  So, don’t wait.  Find  yourself a home here in Hutchinson and the surrounding area now and get your $8,000 deposited into your account!