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Radon In Minnesota Homes

Effective January 1, 2014 the new Radon Awareness Act became effective. This new Minnesota state law requires a seller of residential property to disclose in writing to the buyer any knowledge the seller has of radon concentrations in the home. All real estate transactions in Minnesota must add one more disclosure to the list – [...]

Radon In Minnesota Homes2016-11-22T13:49:22-06:00

10 Things To Burglar Proof Your Home

If you have ever wondered what you can do to help burglar proof your home, read on. Successful burglars have lots in common — home owners who unwittingly give invitations to robbery. Here’s how thieves thank you for your generosity. You come home to an open front door, a ransacked house, and missing valuables. How [...]

10 Things To Burglar Proof Your Home2016-11-22T13:49:27-06:00

Is Our Water Safe?

Hutchinson, MN drinking water safety The City of Hutchinson, MN is bound by State and Federal drinking water regulations. The Minnesota Department of Health has primacy over all federal drinking water regulations and monitoring. This means that the USEPA has given the Minnesota Department of Health the authority and enforcement responsibility to oversee [...]

Is Our Water Safe?2016-11-22T13:49:28-06:00

Home Air Conditioning Tips

This MN summer has brought some very warm, humid days. The constant hum of air conditioners in the neighborhoods around Hutchinson and the surrounding communities remind us all how quickly we can go from winter to summer in Minnesota! Here are some tips to help you make the most out of your air conditioning and [...]

Home Air Conditioning Tips2016-11-22T13:49:28-06:00

More Than 250 Years’ Experience

Hometown Realty in Hutchinson, MN has earned the reputation in the Hutchinson area as a real estate company that is knowledgeable, professional, honest, reliable and able to “get the job done.” We take the confidence that buyers and sellers place in our company seriously. The professional staff at Hometown Realty in Hutchinson, MN [...]

More Than 250 Years’ Experience2016-11-22T13:49:29-06:00

Home Sellers Handbook

There are many reasons for moving. Maybe you got that once in a lifetime job offer or your family is growing and quickly running out of space. Maybe you want to relocate to a new neighborhood or find a house with a bigger backyard. Whatever reasons influence you to sell your home, you have some [...]

Home Sellers Handbook2016-11-22T13:49:31-06:00

Good Time to Buy and Sell

  In the past couple of weeks we have helped quite a few buyers find homes to buy in Hutchinson, MN. Many sellers have had their homes on the market for quite a while and aren't interested in carrying them into and through the winter months.  So, fortunately for the buyers, they are able to [...]

Good Time to Buy and Sell2009-10-16T15:45:57-05:00
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