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Sales Activity Continues

No one was really sure what was going to happen once the stimulus money expired on April 30, 2010. We have been pleasantly surprised to see that many calls are continuing to come in and people still want to buy and sell their homes! This activity is certainly a good indication that the housing market may [...]

Sales Activity Continues2010-05-05T08:08:48-05:00

Know All Your Options

Yesterday I talked with some people who had purchased their home from Hometown Realty a number of years ago here in Hutchinson, MN.  They have both retired and had received a call about refinancing their home and reducing the number of years left to pay on their mortgage to 15 years (currently they have 25 [...]

Know All Your Options2016-11-22T13:49:36-06:00

Up To $8,000 Could Be Yours!

It took us long enough to get the word out to everyone that the stimulous package that was passed earlier this year has a wonderful GIFT in it for people who have not owned a home for three years!  This GIFT will be given to buyers who occupy their home by the end of November, [...]

Up To $8,000 Could Be Yours!2009-05-06T17:40:26-05:00

The Pendulum has Swung

The mortgage business has gone from lending money to anyone that has a pulse to scrutinizing absolutely every little thing when a buyer's application is submitted for approval.  This isn't all bad, it's just that the buyers have to be absolutely squeaky clean with no unanswered questions in order to get a mortgage today.  I'm [...]

The Pendulum has Swung2009-04-27T16:20:31-05:00

Good News from the Media!

Finally, the media is reporting the good news that is happening in the real estate market.  We've seen so much negative print over the past year, that we are elated that the media has decided to recognize positive happenings in the real estate market.  Pending sales are out performing last year by some 24+ percent [...]

Good News from the Media!2009-03-24T13:23:40-05:00
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