Finally, the media is reporting the good news that is happening in the real estate market.  We’ve seen so much negative print over the past year, that we are elated that the media has decided to recognize positive happenings in the real estate market.  Pending sales are out performing last year by some 24+ percent (as reported by the Minneapolis Area Assocation of Realtors.)  That is a significant change for the good.  It’s so wonderful that buyers who have been sitting on the fence have begun to recognize that the price of homes are not going to stay this low forever, and the interest rates may very well move up as the spring market continues.  Many are predicting that as the real estate market continues to improve, we are going to see significant inflation in prices of homes over a short period of time.  This is good news for people who have been waiting to sell their homes and it is also a wake up call for all the buyers who are waiting for the price of  homes to hit the bottom.  It appears that we are there!