This morning I got a frantic call from a new home buyer ( we closed yesterday.)  They said that the plumbing wasn’t working right in the house they had just bought.  I asked what they meant by not working right, and they explained the problems they were having.

The home that they purchased in Hutchinson, MN had been vacant for about 6 or 7 months.  I knew from past experience with problems like this that more than likely the problem was simply coming from the fact that things hadn’t been used for some time.  I suggested that they run a lot of water through everything and see if things didn’t straighten out.

I just talked to them and everything is working just fine now!  An inexperienced agent may have told them to call a plumber which would cost somebody a bunch of money.  Then there would be the adventure of figuring out who was going to pay for the plumber’s bill, the former seller or the new buyer.

So, experienced agents can save you money even after you own your new home!