Many homeowners in Hutchinson, MN may be unfamiliar with the city’s ordinances when it comes to planning and zoning of various things involving their property and what they can and cannot do with it. Here are a couple of common questions that you may have about utility sheds and detached garages.

Q. Where can a utility shed be placed in my yard?

A. No accessory building may be placed in front of the principal building. Utility buildings in residential districts shall not exceed 12’X16’ and shall be 6 feet or more from all lot lines of adjoining lots and shall not be located within a utility easement.

Q. Is there a requirement regulating sizes of detached garages?

A. Yes, sec 7.14 of the Hutchinson Zoning Ordinance states detached garages may not exceed 1000 square feet. Garages exceeding 1000 square feet may be allowed with a Conditional Use Permit