(MS) – Few things in life are more arduous and exhausting than moving. While moving into a new home can be exciting, the process of moving is rarely enjoyable. Such is the reason many people turn to moving companies when it comes time to change addresses. However, moving companies are an added expense and not right for everyone.

Many people choose to selfmove to save some money. The process of self-moving can be intimidating, particularly for people whose move will take more than one day. Anticipating problems beforehand is often a great way to ensure the move goes off smoothly and with as little stress as possible.

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Are you planning a self-move?

Hints for Homeowners – Self-Move

Truck rental: When selfmoving, many people find themselves in a race against time to get everything packed onto and then off the truck so they can return the truck in time and avoid what is often hefty late fees. Such a race only adds more stress to an already draining day. Particular for people whose move will be more than one day, inquire about how much it will cost to keep the truck an extra day. This will eliminate the stress of getting everything done by a set time.

Cover your valuables: When self-moving for the first time, many people don’t realize just how dirty most rental trucks are. Plan on covering up nice furniture or other valuable items beforehand, it can protect your valuables from marks or scratches. With respect to cleanliness, expect the rental truck to be dusty and protect your valuable items accordingly.

Load the heavy items at the front of thee truck: The “front” of the truck is the wall closet to the truck’s cab. Load the heaviest items, such as dressers, tables and furniture, on first. When packed tightly against the wall, these items wont’ move around once you start driving. Certain items, such as couches and mattresses, should be turned on end so they take up less space. A good tip is to put a mattress between large wood pieces to protect them from banging.

Don’t be a hero: At times, you might be tempted to lift certain items by yourself in the hopes of trimming some time from the move. However, moving is a marathon, not a track meet, and you don’t want to waste energy that you’ll need down the road or hurt yourself. Heavier items should always be loaded and unloaded by a minimum of two people.

Mark it: To make unpacking your items go smooth, mark each box with the contents and the room it should go to in your new home.

Lock it up: While moving trucks come with a lever that keeps the door shut, these levers aren’t locks. Anyone moving overnight should purchase a padlock to put on the truck to protect themselves from theft while they sleep.

Source: McLeod & Meeker Counties Real Estate Guide