A few weeks ago I talked about the multiple offers that we were starting to see. Well, that’s intensifying with the “spring” market approaching. There are alot of buyers that have been making offers on homes in the last couple of weeks and many of them on the same houses. It’s very encouraging to see that so many buyers are realizing what a prime time it is for them to be purchasing a home or investment property. Recently I have read that the prediction by some economists is that we will have inflation beginning to creep into our housing market shortly. Some predict that inflation will regain all the value that was lost in the housing market over the last two years, in the next five years or so. Sellers have become much more realist about what price they can expect to get for their homes, and therefore the buyers may not see another “opportunity” to own homes as they have right now. The interest rates remain favorable and with the stimulus package incentives, anyone considering buying a new home will be glad they did in 2009. So, the race is on to take advantage of all that is taking place in the real estate market here in Hutchinson, MN.