The real estate market in Hutchinson, MN is continuing to come alive. Right now, there are less homes for sale than there were a year ago and the pending sales have shown an increase over a year ago. (Pending means that a purchase agreement has been written by a buyer and the seller has accepted the offer, but closing has not taken place.) This is good news because according to John Tucillo, one of the most respected real estate economists in the U.S. and the former Chief Economist for the National Assocation of Realtors, there are three things that must happen in order for the housing industry to recover. They are 1) a decline in the new listing acitivity, 2) a decline in the days on the market, 3) an increase in the sales price to list price ratio. We started seeing a reduction in the number of homes on the market last fall and throughout the winter months. In the last quarter of 2008, we saw the days on the market begin to decline. Now, we are hoping that with the increased pending activity, the third phase of this recovery will begin. I’m told that Hutchinson Technology has started calling back some of their employees and that also is a good sign for all of the Hutchinson, MN residents and businesses. I also noticed over the last few weeks that the parking lots at the retail stores continue to be full as well as the restaurants. That tells me that things are not as dire here as they may be in other parts of the country. So, don’t pay attention to all the doom and gloom. Let’s focus on the good things that are happening here in Hutchinson, MN.