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Minneapolis Housing Moratorium Lifted

Minneapolis, Minnesota (April 11, 2014) – Property rights and the housing market received a big boost this morning, as the Minneapolis City Council voted to lift the housing construction moratorium that was imposed in the southwest corner of the city on March 7, 2014. The moratorium impacted the issuance of wrecking and building permits for [...]

Minneapolis Housing Moratorium Lifted2016-11-22T13:49:20-06:00

Good Time to Buy and Sell

  In the past couple of weeks we have helped quite a few buyers find homes to buy in Hutchinson, MN. Many sellers have had their homes on the market for quite a while and aren't interested in carrying them into and through the winter months.  So, fortunately for the buyers, they are able to [...]

Good Time to Buy and Sell2009-10-16T15:45:57-05:00
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