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Attitudes are Improving

I just came from the Hutchinson Home Landscape and Garden  show that is being held at the McLeod County Fairgrounds here in Hutchinson, MN. The show ends at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 21, 2010. It was encouraging to visit with all the people who came to the show this year. Almost everyone that I [...]

Attitudes are Improving2010-02-20T17:21:20-06:00

Cancelling the Listing

Late last week we got a call from one of our sellers who said they needed to cancel their listing. Now, we are usually concerned when sellers want to cancel, but this time we were all celebrating! Why? The reason they wanted to cancel their listing for their home here in Hutchinson, MN was that [...]

Cancelling the Listing2009-11-16T14:52:05-06:00

A Glut of Rentals?

All you have to do is drive around Hutchinson, MN to see that there are many rental units available right now.  The last time I remember this many vacant units was back in 1999 when Hutchinson Technology had a significant layoff of employees.  I suspect that is the same reason we are now seeing so [...]

A Glut of Rentals?2009-06-29T09:48:39-05:00

How Will The HTI Layoff Affect Housing In Hutchinson?

Back in the fall of 1999, Hutchinson Technology had a significant layoff (about 700 employees if I remember right), and so I went back to my records to see how the housing market in Hutchinson was affected. The first thing I found was that the vacancy rate of rentals increased significantly. Many of the laid [...]

How Will The HTI Layoff Affect Housing In Hutchinson?2009-01-14T12:36:13-06:00

HTI’s Layoff

Tomorrow one of Hutchinson's major employers will be laying off a significant number of employees. In a way, I'm sure that most will be glad when tomorrow is over. The employees were told about a month ago that there would be a large layoff starting Jan. 12. I haven't spoken to a single employee during [...]

HTI’s Layoff2009-01-11T12:38:18-06:00
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