While our local area hasn’t experienced an abundance of snowfall the past few years, you know that sooner or later, it’s bound to happen! If shoveling snow isn’t on your list of favorite things to do, here are some easy tips to make it a little less of a chore.

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  • Spray Your Shovel with Cooking Oil

    What can be more annoying that having moist snow stick to your shovel? Here’s an easy way to avoid it. Lightly coat your shovel with non-stick cooking oil to make the snow slide right off. You can also try a spray lubricant like WD-40 but that’s toxic.

  • Lay Out a Tarp Before the Snow

    If you really dislike shoveling, what could be easier than laying down a tarp on your walkway the day before an expected snowfall? Make sure you have something heavy enough to weight the tarp down to prevent it from blowing away in the wind.

  • Make a Homemade De-icing Cocktail

    Snow is bad enough to remove from your driveway and walkways but when you also have to deal with icy layers underneath it, you might want to try making your own de-icer using rubbing alcohol or vinegar.

    Use vinegar before a storm to make ice and snow removal easier:

    • Combine 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water.
    • Spray or pour gently (you still want to avoid runoff into your landscape) before a storm.

    To keep the sidewalks and steps from icing after a storm:

    • Combine 2 parts rubbing alcohol with 1 part water.
    • Apply to minimize runoff.

Source: HouseLogic.com.