Listed below you will find some of the most common mistakes new (and old) homeowners make that can accidentally trash a yard and lawn.

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  • Misusing Fertilizer

    Don’t overdo it with fertilizer. Many homeowners tend to put too much fertilizer on their lawns and this can adversely affect plant growth as well as burn or even kill grass and plants. Timing is important too as different types of weeds grow at different times of the year. Be sure to use only the amount of recommended fertilizer – or less.

  • Not Watering Grass Deep Enough

    Many of us think that as long as the grass is wet, that’s all it needs but that’s not the case. It’s really all about how moist the soil is underneath and ideally, you want it to be moist 6 inches deep.

  • Cutting Grass Too Short

    While it’s tempting to cut your grass shorter to avoid having to mow more often, it ends up starving the grass. It should never be cut lower than two and a half to three inches.

  • Overusing Weed Killer

    Only use the weed killer on small, isolated areas where weeds are visible to avoid having to re-sod. Non-chemical solutions such as pulling weeds by hand or dousing them with boiling water also work but prevention is best. Smother them with much (add newspapers for an extra layer of protection) before they can take root.

  • Letting Your Pet Urinate Wherever

    We’ve probably all done it. We let our pets roam free in the yard to do “their business” only to end up with spots of yellow grass… and then dead grass. Training your dog to go in one special area can help solve this issue.