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How Will The HTI Layoff Affect Housing In Hutchinson?

Back in the fall of 1999, Hutchinson Technology had a significant layoff (about 700 employees if I remember right), and so I went back to my records to see how the housing market in Hutchinson was affected. The first thing I found was that the vacancy rate of rentals increased significantly. Many of the laid [...]

How Will The HTI Layoff Affect Housing In Hutchinson?2009-01-14T12:36:13-06:00

HTI’s Layoff

Tomorrow one of Hutchinson's major employers will be laying off a significant number of employees. In a way, I'm sure that most will be glad when tomorrow is over. The employees were told about a month ago that there would be a large layoff starting Jan. 12. I haven't spoken to a single employee during [...]

HTI’s Layoff2009-01-11T12:38:18-06:00
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